Riley full size Viceroy to erect and leave ready for play .

You may remember me posting about a  Riley viceroy Full size snooker table in oak being sold on our Web site for sale section direct from the Seller to the buyer
well here is a report on the second part of the work .
We arrived at the buyers house to remove a full size Victorian table from the basement Games Room .
we then Started to erect the replacement table , an oak riley viceroy that we had recommended to our Buyer as his fittings in the basement where all light oak , the old Victorian Mahogany snooker table with  turned leg looked out of place .
viceroy errect frame
the first photo of the frame assembled and in position , we roughly level the table for the slates to then be slid on one at a time , we use the long level as a straight edge only , we put our old Engineers level on top of this to get a much more accurate level . We never rely on the 6ft builders level vial .
Viceroy frame two slates on

the first two slates are slid on from one end off the piano trolley wheels , we rub candle wax the top of the frame to make sure the slate slides on to the other end with ease
viceroy all slates on eng level
all slates are now on , and they require centreing up from the centre slate and pinning the brass dowels into each slate to make one long bed of slate .
viceroy bed cloth on marking line
After fixing all the slate together fine leveling up  and putting the wood tack linings around the outside edge , we filled the joints with soft sand car body filler , then lightly sanded them in to form one continuous bed of slate , we cleaned off all dust and fitted the bed cloth , this was the original bed cloth from the sellers house , the table cloth was in very good condition , although I did notice it was silver 6811 Strachan and not the Gold 6811 Tournament which is what I recommend , but I did advise my buying client to get his moneys worth out of the silver cloth first , before he spent on another  re-cover .
viceroy finished table from black end
the finished table from the black spot end .
viceroy finished table from D end

the finished table from the D end
viceroy finished table light oak
the finished table from another angle  giving the true colour of the light oak , you may notice this table has the Billiard riley Brass single ball pocket ball catchers , these are very rare to find and worth around £200 the set . I am not sure what our client is doing when the table is ready for it’s next re-cover he may have the modern ball rails fitted .

Our client is very happy with the work and also that we recommended we look for a light oak table for him , this saved him spending money doing the other mahogany table up that he had . it just goes to show that you can trust Geoff at GCL Billiards to give the best option going forward , our client could have wasted a few Hundred pounds , and for a little more than what he would have spent on the old table , he has a piece that truly blends in with his rooms furnishings .

If any one is interested in a Quality light to medium oak refurbished table then check out our for sale section we have a client with a very nice Orme And sons table at an all inclusive fitted price.

oak orme full photo 001