Snooker table dismantle near Peterborough and brought into storage for buying client

Today we traveled to a place near Peterborough to dismantle a full size Karnehm and Hillman Buckingham full size tulip leg modern table .
this was not an easy job , the 5 section 2 inch thick slate   was located upstairs and had to be brought down three steps from one room.
then each slate put into a slate slide shoe and slid down the main stairs on a protective carpet run to avoid damage to original stair carpet .
the following photo’s show the table in it’s original room and also loaded onto the van wrapped in blankets ready for our drive back to our nottingham storage agent jonills Removal.
K&H wedding dismantle and load
this is the table during dismantle stage , cloth and cushions removed and slates slid apart ready to slide onto trolley , you may notice the wood slate shoe slide
on the floor to the left of the table , this is placed on one edge and ratchet strapped to the slate , this is my /mk 3 version that is home made for the job and works to make the job of sliding the slate downstairs a three man job, rather than using 4 to 6 men.
you cannot go out and buy a slate slide , you have to improvise and make one , this information of how to make one passed down from fitter to fitter .
my version has been modified from the original mk1 and mk2  by adding two ratchet straps to fully fasten the slate into the slide.

K&H wedding stairs
some steep stairs where involved to cover over with blankets and a strip of old carpet  so that the slide could be slid without damage to owners carpet and stairs.
K&H wedding loaded on sidedoor view
the whole Full sized snooker table neatly stored and loaded onto the van , every leg wrapped in removals blankets and also polished ends and cushions .
K&H wedding van outside house
The house was very large with huge entrance hall staircase , some valuable antique tables and ornaments had to be carefully put out of harms way tyo clear a path from upstairs room to van .
K&H wedding van outside house rear view
The house is used for Weddings and  Business Conference meetings and has 28 Bedrooms
We arrived at 9.30 am and the table was fully loaded by 1 pm . so 3.5 hours in total for a van and three men .
I set out at 6 .30 am picking the extra men up en-route one from nottingham and another from Lincoln  , and arrived back home after putting the table into storage at 4.30pm , a 10 hour day and no time for a lunch break , we only got 15 minute coffee break once slate was loaded , then cracked on to get the work done and then back to nottingham via Lincoln .

the K&H table was bought by our buying client at very low money , this has enabled him to spend a little in having the cushions re-polished , new nets and leather and new re-cloth .
the table is being stored for around 7 weeks , by that time we will have completed our backlog of work to do , and the customer will have finished his Garage conversion , and I will be back from my two week break in Tenerife. an holiday I am looking forward to after an hectic work schedule .

It has been none stop since my last break in Tenerife about  this time last year , but I am not moaning , you have to do the work when it is in .