Small Local club in Derbyshire has snooker and pool table re-cover

A few posts to add that I did not have time to do over the very busy schedule we now have during the month of January

We visited a local social club near Ilkeston to refurbish the snooker and pool table.

A modern Riley Regis full size snooker table that was purchased from Stapleford Cue club some years ago  , this is Rileys entry turned leg model and sold in their thousands during the 1980’s onwards. you can spot them by their thin frame work and thin legs .
These entry models do not have hand floated slates so there maybe slate joint lines appearing in the cloth as was the case with this one , I did rake out all the old filler in the slate joints and surface feather filled with car body filler to improve the slate joints , they are still not perfect but are a big improvement , you can just about make out the first slate joint showing through the old cloth before the re-cover in the photo below just about in line with my Van keys , click on the photo to enlarge.
kirkhallam table before

We where asked to recover the full size snooker table in Strachan 6811 tournament cloth and also the old Hazel Grove Super league in Burgundy 777 Strachan cloth for the kid’s to play on
kirkhallam after recover
We also fitted new nets and leathers to this table to really uplift the table to better playing conditions , I also think this is worthwhile on any re-cover even if the old nets and leathers are not ready , new ones always make job more complete and the tables looks and plays better as the eye is more drawn to those nice new leathers .
kirkhallam pocket opening size three and five eighths
The pool table with new 777 Strachan in Burgundy colour
kirkhallam pool table after burgundy