Large Snooker club in Derby have two Full size Recovers in Strachan 6811 tournament 30 oz cloth and a pool table recover

The city of Derby and surrounding area’s are a hot bed for Cue sports , and there are some very handy cue sharks about in Derby , I have heard of a couple of Hustlers who visit the club’s praying on the not so well learned players for money matches .

on a lighter note we have got work at a very large snooker club in Derby , we have been trying to get into this establishment for years , but they have been using out of area fitters , the owner was just happening to be travelling towards Nottingham one day when he came behind our highly colourful van , with it’s distinctive photo referees hand on ball on the rear door’s , our mobile phone number is also on the rear door , so it was some surprise that I got the phone call from the owner of this large snooker club located near Derby City Centre .
Can you quote us for some work ? when he informed me who he was I said over the years we have been trying to get into your club for work without success, Now I am self Employed and only live a few miles from this club , I really wanted to make a good impression and make sure I get repeat work .
van sign writing back and passenger side
derby snooker 6811 T cloth fitted

I have now completed two recovers of full size snooker tables and one pool table , hopefully the owner is delighted with the work and we will get some follow on work
Derby snooker club 17 tables
the club has 17 full size snooker tables and a few Supreme pool tables , the two that I stripped down had the lower quality Strachan silver 6811 , not a bad cloth , but not as good as the 6811 Gold  tournament 30 oz which we fitted , you may be surprised that there is only a price difference of around £20 between these two cloths , so is it really worth fitting the silver grade ?
we always quote for the Gold 6811 tournament in 30 oz grade and people who are comparing quotes should make sure it is like for like cloth , as that £10 saving per table  in the long run is costing you £10 more . ALWAYS make sure you ask for 6811 Gold tournament 30 oz cloth and look for the gold embroidered words on the edge and the transfer under the cloth .
derby snooker silver cloth

The old cloth that we took off has silver embroidered thread wording , this not a bad cloth , but it is not what we in the trade class as a good standard cloth to play on , more for it’s wear qualities with it’s long woolly nap than the fine trimmed nap of gold 6811 tournament .