Repeat work from valued client for Winner supreme re-cover in Leicestershire.

We have just completed another re-cover for our client who lives close to Loughborough in Leicestershire.
Last time he had a special speed worsted cloth by Strachan fitted , this time he wanted to slow the table down by having a good quality napped all wool cloth , as he was finding practice at home very different to playing down the pub , his ball travel was all out of control having practised at home on a speed cloth then in the real world of Pub match pool finding 99% of pool tables in pubs have wool napped cloth and not speed cloth.
winner supreme blue 6811 finished table
We fitted the best West of England 6811 grade cloth to our clients pool table in royal blue .
a bit more expensive than the 777 Strachan grade but well worth it .
Winner supreme old type hard smooth ball rails
this table is 10 years old , but because it has only had home use looks only 6 months old , on these early tables there is a fault with the hard smooth internal pocket rails , on hard shots you can get the ball bounce back out onto the table , it is almost as if a rabbit has back kicked the ball back up the pocket fall and back onto the table , we have been getting one or too people complain of this fault , mostly at league play standard where it is sometimes life or death for some players if they lose a game due to this fault .
the following photo shows a new type ball rail , with Allen key screw showing and a recessed slot moulded all the way into the pocket fall , unlike the above rail which has a smooth finish , and if you drop a ball from height onto this smooth pocket rail watch and see how far it rebounds back up , then try it on the modern type rail .
Our client on his next re-cover is having the new ball rails fitted with the Allen bolt key fixing like below.
winner supremem new type ball rails with allen screw and recess
the following photos show the table stripped down and the glueing of the bed cloth to outside edge of the slate using proper hand spread contact adhesive , we do not speed fit and never use fast to use spray on glue’s which normally go all over the slate and ball rails when spraying on , it also does not grip good and many bed cloths just fall off the slate bed when fitters have used spray on glue .
Winner strip down for recover blue 6811


When we come across a table that has glue over spray on top of the slate we remove the old glue with Acetone


winners stabbo removeing glue acetone
These photo’s are put on to show how GCL billiard re-covers pool tables , we may be a little more expensive than a speed fitter , but we like to think the benefits are there to be seen by choosing a firm that has values to the type of work we do .
If you require a re-cover of your pool table then get a time served Billiards fitter in like Geoff at GCL billiards .