Ball bounce out of pockets on Supreme pool tables ?

We have been having complaints about balls being spat out of pockets even when the ball has dropped down onto the pocket rail.  The following conversion will need to be done to rectify this.

Change all 6 ball rails to the latest fully slotted with Allen key bolt fixing type.  If the pocket liners also have a shine finish you can sandpaper the backs of them where the ball strikes or replace with a new set.  People who spray furniture polish or even back to black bumper shine onto the pocket liners and ball runs are not doing the table any good.  These polishes contain silicon and waxes, which gets onto the ball and the ball then skids and also kicks when striking another ball.
Winner supreme old type hard smooth ball railswinner supremem new type ball rails with allen screw and recess
The above photo’s show the old smooth type Supreme pocket rail and also the new type with full recess and Allen key bolt fixing.

GCL Billiards would be happy to quote you for changing these ball rails and pocket liners.  Please phone for details, but we do recommend these be done at the same time as the table is due for a re-cover.