Repair torn cloth near Ashbourne.

Today I have been on a job near Ashbourne to repair a torn cloth and service of two full size snooker tables , you can see from the impact that this was a hard strike down of cue into cloth . you can see where a round sharp ferrule has cut the cloth and the impact of the tip chalk is seen on the slate ,  someone trying a trick shot or screw back of cue ball ?
Resulting in a L shape rip .

Please note you really must check tip and ferrule condition to avoid the cloth being damaged like this .
The following photo’s show how the repair was done , taking the cloth off the table , cleaning up the jagged edge of the hole and then sewing from under the cloth , wax the thread for strength, then re stretch back down and lightly tap with a hammer until flat  . put cushions back on re-mark out and re spot and iron .
ashbourne ripped cloth  2x2ashbourne ripped cloth near cushashbourne ripped cloth turned overashbourne ripped cloth repair near cushion