9ft Oak Snooker table Wanted . Quote Ref Number 09112013/9FTW002

We have a new client who is looking to buy an Oak 9ft snooker table in good condition .
We are not too bothered about cloth or rubber condition as long as the wood work is OK and the polish is good , although we will consider a complete renovation project if it is the right table.
My client prefers a 6 legged  turned leg oak table , but we will look at some square legged tables to see if maybe he will consider one.
so look at some of the following library photo’s of tables that I think would suit our client if you have something similar for sale then please contact Geoff at GCL Billiards on email c.large@btinternet.com   or by phone 07753466064 PLEASE QUOTE 09112013/9FTW002 when enquiring about this advert.

Please do not confuse a 8ft as a 3/4 sized table a true 3/4 size is a 9ft , only contact us if you have a genuine 9ft slate table.
you would be amazed at the amount of people advertising 8ft tables as 3/4 sized on ebay , our client has had some wasted journeys looking at what was described as 3/4 sized only to find a 8ft when he got there .

the following photo’s of tables may be oak or mahogany and some are 12ft  these are only examples of what he is looking for , please note our client requires a Oak version and only a 3/4 sized  9ft by 4ft 6 inch slate size,  do not confuse 8fts as 3/4 sized as they are not .
Please note if you have a Riley aristocrat , please make sure it is UK built and not a Chinese copy.

STEVE B's mint Rley Aristocrat in OAK , a very nice table to work on.

STEVE B’s mint Rley Aristocrat in OAK , a very nice table to work on.

STEVE B's 3.5 inch at the fall
oak skeg side shot of woodwork
steves 3rd recover level and joints
K&H wellow leg
oak skeg finished table satin coat
Exxsex Cabin repolished K&Hillman