Re-cover in Milton Keynes of full size snooker table in Retirement Village

Been over to a Retirement village in Milton Keynes the other week to re-cover a full size snooker table .
the table was a Titan import type and had the adjustable slate bearers , although these had not been wound up to the slate when erected ?

Cushions off and the strip down is started , plus re-covering of each cushion .

this table having at least 7 years use had become very dusty under the bed cloth .
that is Chalk dust .

cloth off and clean slates and check slate joints .

the cloth quality is the much asked for and used , Strachan 6811 tournament 30 oz pure new wool cloth .

another satisfied client , table also checked and adjusted for level , plus those adjustable slate bearers adjusted right up to the slate to do what they are supposed to do ,
SUPPORT  the slate from sagging in the middle .
Who ever first set this table up from new just forgot to go under the table and wind those bolts up to take the beams up to the slate bed in the center of the table .

this is what I mean by adjustable slate bearers .

and if a table does not have them I can retro fit them .