7ft Snooker table near Scunthorpe Lincolnshire re-cover in grey 6811 Strachan tournament cloth

Last week I visited  a Home near Scunthorpe to re-cover a 7ft snooker table made in the 1980s by a firm from the north east .
these tables lack the cushion retaining slips that you would normally find and instead are screw off blocks .
Not what I like and really should not be done when all it takes is a rebate slot and  cushion slip wood insert to be made on construction  of the table .
If I was doing a re-rubber I would change the blocks to slip blocks , but this work was just a re-cover on site .
to make matters worse they screw the blocks over the cloth then glue and shape the rubber and over the screw heads !
result is  difficult to find screw heads to take the blocks off to re-cover this table , but we managed it .

the table as I found it , original first recover and faded cloth .

blocks off and staple new Grey Strachan 6811 cushion cloth to cushion back wood , this is how these tables are meant to be re-covered .

this is how i would expect to fit a normal cushion cloth , a slip or bead of wood is hammerd into a slot and traps the cloth
this wood is called  a cushion cloth retaining slip , note the word slip it is meant to slip in and slip out thus making re-covering a cushion easy to do .

fitting the bed cloth and trimming the waste off .

the finished table re-covered in Strachan 6811 tournament grey cloth

my client was very happy with the result and I did explain about the screw off blocks and the normal slip method .
and he watched me complete the work .
I have had a few clients ask me for Grey cloth , this is the third I have done this year .
and have an 8ft to do in the same cloth this month too .
but it is not always readily available , and can sometimes be a delay in getting hold of this Strachan cloth .