Re-cover for Snooker table number 3 at Local club , Best kept tables in Nottingham ?

Today I have been over to West Bridgeford Conservative club to re-cover table three .
I have a long standing relationship with this club and have been doing the re-covering of these tables for many years.
One thing that really stands out about these tables and that is , they are maintained to a high standard
West B table 1 & 2 serviced july 2015
There are three table’s that the club Brushes and irons several times a week to keep the speed of the table up .
West b table 3 recover front angle
Today table 3 had it’s every two year  re-cover done , all the tables now get re-covered every two years and stretched at 8 months
so each visit from now on will be one re-cover and one re-stretch and service the other table.

Many years ago with the old No 6 Strachan 360z  cloth the tables lasted many years , but in today’s thinner thickness of 6811 tournament cloth we advise every two years for a re-cover.
with many club’s local to this club closing down or reducing the tables numbers , the Conservative club is Nottingham East’s best kept secret .

Where have all the tables gone ?

The Embankment Club has just come down from 4 tables to just 1 table , and the local Rushcliffe arena are taking two tables out into storage for a new Arena to be built but that will take 2 years to build !
the local British legion closed down with two tables too , so the West Bridgeford Conservative club is the place to play Snooker , unless you want to walk into the center of Nottingham and play at the larger snooker club’s
Now I see many snooker venue’s around Nottingham and I must say this club really take care of their tables and it’s only £2 an hour to play ! But you have to join the club membership to play .
West B table 3 recover july 2015
I am really busy again , it’s seems like it’s none stop , we have 2 tables to dismantle Bubble wrap and store , pool tables we have out on rental to re-cover , a large club in Derby has a substantial amount of work for me and so has another in Northampton
I also have to get a table ready for an exhibition for a visit by a professional  snooker player Ken Doherty at another local 5 table club .
add to this a large amount of small table work such as private houses with small snooker and pool tables to re-cover , a new client in the west midlands with two tables to re-cover out of three on site.
I also may have a Scotland visit just over the border in Kelso coming up in August ,
Yes we are really busy at the moment and long may this continue , years ago we used to get a lull in trade around summer time , but it has been constant for the last three years .
We are almost booked out to Mid August , we have dates available from mid August onward and all of September , But I am taking an holiday in October from 3rd to 12th .