GCL billiards Rental pool tables in Coventry re-covered and one re-cover on way back home .

We have come to the time of our 6 monthly re-covers of the three tables we have sited in Coventry
This venue is very unusual in that the pool tables are put to one side sometimes up to three days a week .
This is because the room they are sited in also doubles up as a  Rock Band venue from Friday to Sunday and sometime even Thursday evening.
But that does not stop the pool tables being used after each event as they are wheeled back out and re-leveled .
Cov arches 2015 july re-cover dismantle
The three  tables before strip down , I have bought three sets of Brand new spare cushions for these tables only , this means we can swop over already re-covered cushions in around 45 minutes for all three tables
We then strip down the cushions when we are slack and get them ready for this venue in 6 months time when they will be ready for another re-cover in 6811 Strachan pool cloth .
Cov re-cover july 2015 cloths going on
all three tables getting the bed cloths ready to be glued to the edge of the slate
Cov july 2015 recover 6811 strachan pool
We use the top Branded Strachan 6811 pool cloth for our own rental contract pool tables unless the client wishes to use Strachan super pro speed cloth which we can offer as an alternative.
Cov recover completed july 2015
The three tables are ready for use and two people where on them in a flash , we fitted skirts or Ball racking cloths as some know them as , these protect the cloth from excess wear when racking the balls in the triangle
cov finished table played july 2015
We installed these tables in this venue in Coventry 12 months ago , since then they have had two recovers every 6 months , this second re-cover they also had the New Aramith Premier ball sets too .
We always renew the balls at the 12 month rental renewal .
The tables also where vacuumed out and also all the ball tray and runners where washed down and de-greased.
Ashby after cov july 2015 re-cover stripped
On the way back up to Nottingham we also had a call out to re-cover a pool table in a Garden shed
ashby after cov july 2015 finished
the owner supplied his own cloth in the colours of his football team ( Birmingham city ) , he was also in the process of painting the cabinet of this super league White to match his Bar in the back ground .