Re-cover and re-stretch of two snooker tables in Derbyshire club

We have been called in to re-stretch a bed cloth on one of two snooker tables situated in this club .
at the same time we where also instructed to fully re-cover the other table in West of England Strachan 6811 tournament grade cloth 30 oz weight
Mick BL rec stretch finished
I have personally worked on one of  these tables for just 0ver 34  years ,  the far one is a George wright with very ornate reeded legs .
The one in the foreground is a 1980s Metric table by Thurston , this was when all the B&STA billiard firms got around a table and agreed to start to make the full size tables in metric size
Thurston jumped the gun and started ordering the slate in metric size and started to produce them , then on the next meeting all the Billiards and Snooker Trade Association members voted not to make them .
So the only metric tables you will find is these Thurston made ones .
these tables are around 2 inch shorter than a 12ft standard full size table and around 1.5 inch shorter on the width .
mick bl fin balls on
the finished tables ready for play
with the new modern lighting this is one of the best clubs with two tables to play on in the Derby Area.
***note the Long bench seating slightly raised like the old billiard rooms of the past
There are not many clubs offering a modern room to play snooker  like this still going .
this club always keeps to a good maintenance regime on their snooker tables .
a re-cover every two years and the other one re-stretched bed cloth at the same time .