Older type pool table re-covered in Worksop Nottingham

I very surprised at the condition of the rubber cushions in this older type 7×4 pool table .
A table of this age usually  has hard rubber or crumbling rubber , this table was very good for bounce .
the make of this table ,   maybe an early supreme mk1 ?

Worksop pool old supreme strip

Our client has owned this table for over 10 years , he is just building a very large Garage with room at one end for the pool table.
the photo above of strip down of table , we take every staple out of the cushions , even those left in from previous re-covering that speed fitters have just stapled over

at GCL billiards we take our time to make sure the next time we call to re-cover the cushions , they will strip down faster because we have taken all the pervious staples out , and also used easy remove 4mm staples in the cushions and not the 6mm that where used by the previous firm
Why use long staples that you have to dig out , with 4 mm staples when pulling the cloth off the cushions most of the staples come out or stand up ready to be pulled out by pliers .
worksop old supreme finished recover
the finished table re-cover in best 6811 Strachan cloth , we also checked and adjusted the level of the table .
To finish off our client invested in a fitted Peradon black fitted cover , these covers are best quality and not your usual Chinese / Taiwan fall apart thin plastic rubbish .
peradon dust cover fitted type