Rare to find modern 10ft x 5ft BCE type snooker table for sale . Sutton coldfield @ only £500

We have a client who wishes to sell their 10ft by 5ft BCE type snooker table
the table I think is a BCE copy having identical legs but the cushions and pocket plates are designed differently to a BCE original .
10ft BCE sutton coldfield 1
The table is on Ground floor with easy acess to get to a parked up van
10ft BCE sutton cold 2
my client says it will require a re-cloth but any buyer can make that choice depending on what they require it for .
they may want to get any life still left in the cloth , and just have it refitted .
10ft BCe sutton cold cush scratch
10ft tables are harder to find for buyers so when one comes up that is a modern 1980s onwards  type they tend to sell pretty quick .
there are a few belt buckle and zip scratches on the cushions , a common occurrence on any table if belt buckle or zip is sharp and protruding
the rest of the woodwork I am told is very good .just wants a bit of stain / scratch cover putting over those scratches , it is not that bad
10ft BCE sutton cold leg 5
typical BCE leg design of the 1980s , but I would think this table is from the 1990s.
I would say this table was manufactured in Manchester or Leeds as I know the type of table was made by these two firms in the 1990s.
my client is asking £500 for a hard to find modern 10ft table which has 5 section thick slate bed .
Removal and delivery and setup can be quoted to any buyer by GCL Billiards , please ask for a quote giving post code
rex 8 van outside property