For sale Brand new chinese 8 ball 9ft pool tables with steel cushions…the next Big thing in Cue sports tables to hit the UK

We have teamed up with another UK Billiards importing and retail firm to offer Brand new Chinese 8 ball tables at £2,999
the tables will be supplied by our importer retailer and you get the expertise of Geoff at GCL Billiards who has over 40 years Professional fitting experience of all types of cue ball tables .
8 ball , Chinese 8 ball table
These 9ft 8 ball tables will have Professional Standard Steel cushions
We can offer as an Extra a cloth choice of colour and also cloth upgrade choice .
also table slate heaters and High Frequency Lighting also at Extra cost upgrade can be supplied .
I am awaiting more photo’s of pocket openings and sizes at the fall .
If you are interested in one of these tables fitted by GCL billiards , please contact Geoff at GCL Billiards .
these are official chinese 8 ball 9 foot tables with 2.1/4 inch balls on very tight pocket openings and have the Steel cushions most desired by top end players .
we predict a big market for the sales of these tables as Pool is now more popular than snooker here in the UK , and upgrading from a UK 7ft pool table to this is the Ultimate in quality and professional standard pool .
With 40 years in the Billiards snooker and pool trade as an Apprentice trained to Qualified  Billiards fitter ,I have seen snooker peak in the 1980s /90s and come down and now level out as a sport here in the UK
also I have seen Pool from the very early 1970s Reni pierre and Rutigliani tables with ring pockets , transform from Hazel Grove super leagues to Supreme Winner competition tables to now the next big leap forward in the cue sports trade here in the UK is the chinese 8 ball 9ft pool table .
it will not be long before you see TV covering this game here in the UK . with many snooker and pool players turning towards this size of table .
they offer excellent value when you compare the full size Star table to one of these 8 ball tables , around £7000 to £10.000 price difference .
I think they are very competitively priced for all types of people from the grand cue sports room to the shed / log cabin or Garage games room , they are definitely priced to sell .
8 ball pocket opening 4 and quarter inch ball

Price of table in photo with Steel cushions is £2999.00p and this includes set up in clients ground floor room .
long distance may require overnight Stay in B&B .
Sales outside the UK or long distance or upstairs or basement installation please ask for a Quote .

at Email

8 ball chinese steel cushion cross section photo 1
As you can see from this photo , the cushions have polished wood , then the thick steel plate ,
and then the block that the rubber is glued to which is ready to have the middle angle cut .
click on any photo to enlarge for a more close up photo.
they are a little different to normal steel cushions as used on full size star or the older burroughs and watts tables , but I think this design is better as it keeps the two parts of polished wood and steel together , this prevents the outer polished wood to bow or distort like on many older designed steel cushions , resulting in a ridge at some point between cushion cloth and polished wood surround , a common problem on many steel block Billiard and snooker tables .
these steel cushions are screwed permanently to the outer polished wood of the cushion preventing any distortion in wood surround and a good line up of join between cloth slip and wood .
the cloth slip rebate is in the capping of the polished wood and not in the block resulting from a better thicker block for the rubber to adhere to .
angles like a standard cushion at the middle and corners make for more ease of covering without any major flaws in pocket opening design .
These tables have gone through a stringent design process , resulting in the very high standard of table at an affordable price .
the above comments are Geoff Large’s own thoughts as a billiards fitter of 40 years experience , they are not copied or scripted from leaflets or book.