Pool table re-cover for Church in Worksop in Strachan super pro speed cloth

We have been up to Worksop this week to re-cover a pool table for a Church youth club
The Vicar asked for a durable cloth as youngsters would be using the table
So I recommended Strachan speed cloth the super pro type
this has 30% man made fibre and 70% wool , this is tougher to rip than normal napped all wool cloth
worksop church pool re-cover start
Start of re-cover , cushions off and just sorting cloth size for slate bed
Worksop pool re-cover super pro cloth
The registered  brand trade mark of Strachan super pro speed cloth
woksop pool table church finished super pro
The finished table , we supplied two new cues and a Triangle
We gave them two sets of second hand balls free of charge , these where one’s we had just hanging around spare in the workshop .
I do try and help out Church Youth clubs with any secondhand balls .