Oak full size snooker table set up in Lincolnshire , What a Bargain of a table from our for sale section private listings !

We have been into Lincolnshire on our run up to christmas
this table was bought from our for sale section from another selling client for just £500 What a Bargain .

The table has Steel block cushions and is made from solid oak ,
it did require a re-cover though but only due to sun damaged faded cloth ,
due to our selling clients not putting the cover over it and leaving the curtains open.
the old cloth was very badly bleached but has plenty of nap left on it , our buying client wanted to have it re-clothed in Strachan 6811 tournament 30 oz cloth .
Lincolnshire oak slate on now ready fro cloth best photo
the table frame has been erected into a room that is at the bottom of our clients garden that used to have a full size snooker table in it some years before .
Linc oak adjusting munins with spanner
This table was made to look like a Riley Aristocrat , we think supplied by Birmingham Billiards but we also think it was an imported table from china , but it is very well made .
they have incorporated adjustable slate bearers , we call them adjustable Muntins in the trade .
these will stop any slate sagging across the middle unsupported section that you find on most modern 1980s onwards tables .
so is a very important feature to have on a table as it lets you adjust the slate sagging out .
Lincolnshire oak family now playing on table ready for Christmas
Our buying clients are trying the table out
The owner was beaming with delight as he came through the door to see this very nice oak table erected in his room
he is very satisfied with how GCL billiards where able to pick this table up for him from just down the road , and install it into his room at the bottom of his garden without any hassle .
He says if we need any feedback to people who require references for GCL billiards then tell them to contact him for a glowing report .
and we will do this along with few ore people who also are willing to give GCL billiards a reference for the way we carry out our work .
steve tolley in background linc oak
another photo of our happy client taking a shot , looked on by his son .
I am sure this Table will be getting some good use over the Christmas period and beyond as our client is a keen snooker player .
If you are after a snooker table then please look in our for sale section , these are private adverts direct from the seller with no middle men fees
our client above did this , then contacted GCL Billiards to have the table picked up and delivered plus re-covered ,
we gave a quote for this before we did the work and our client was over the moon with the service he received , and with the Bargain of a table he had found on GCL Billiards for sale section .