9ft Oak snooker table Fitted and missing supports replacements also fitted in Leicestershire

We have been over to Long Clawson near Melton Mowbray this week
We dismantled this table around July 2015 time
We found that it had missing centre cross member structural wood and also the adjustable slate muntins that support the slate we reported this on our site on July 9th 2015
I am glad to say our client agreed for us to make a new cross member bearer and also fit adjustable muntins and new thicker slate tack linings .
Mr King new cross ember and adjustable muntins fitted 2015 dec
as you can see the centre cross member and slate supports have now been fitted
Melton frame without any centre slate bearers and cntre crossmember
this was how we found the frame on dismantle on July 9th 2015 , no inner frame work at all !
Mr King adjusting spanner muntins 9ft
the slate supports are adjustable with a spanner , and tighten up against the slate to stop slate sagging
these should have been on from New , the table is a Titan oak 9ft supplied from a Liverpool fitting firm .
although there are a few main billiard firms in that area that are 100% trustworthy as in any area there are those that can let you down .
there are many fitters around Liverpool and Manchester and Leeds and Sheffield ,  Some are good ,  some work on their own and fit badly ,
these fitters who fitted this table were hit and run merchants , they took my clients money and left him with a badly fitted table which was shocking work .
He was not to know as what client gets under a table and checks or knows what is supposed to be under there , they knew this and fitted this table knowing those parts where missing .
The cushions where not bolted up tight and had bad bounce the slate lings where thin bits of cladding and the cloth was stapled on and not tacked on like a proper Time served Billiards fitter would do .
the frame was loose and rocking because it had major structural parts missing .
Mr king new slate linings thin for comparison
we replace the thin cladding that was screwed around the edge of the slate for cloth tacking
with proper tack lings we can now fit with proper bed cloth tacks .
the photo shows the new linings on the slate and the old thin cladding that we took off for comparison
Mr King 9ft completed fgrom door end .
a close up photo of the completed table
you may notice that there is a swimming pool in the back ground , we did notice that the slate cushions bolts had  abit of rust on them
we coated all these in wax to stop the thread biting and cross threading in the future
the pool is another room away from the table but is has archways into the room allowing any condensation or damp air to enter towards our snooker table
it is not ideal for a table to be located like this , as the cloth acts like a sponge ands will soak up any damp conditions in the air .
Mr King 9ft completed from pool end
the completed table , set up correct , with all correct missing parts fitted , leveled and brushed and ironed ready for play  the table above is now playing 100% correct ,
if you are worried about where to find a suitable fitter who will not rip you off like these did , then contact Geoff at GCL Billiards for a quote or a firm to buy a table from .
, even if you do not have GCL Billiards he will point you in the direction of good firms who care about their reputation .
there are still a few of us around .