More Pubs now coming for re-cloths as Covid restrictions are relaxed .

Latest pub to get their table back up and working is the Railway Inn at Sawley
having been pushed to one side since April 2020 to allow more seating and tables in then full lock down meaning closed doors .
now is the time to get the tables refurbished ready for normality and the leagues starting back up .

GCL Billiards supplied this ex tournament table to the Railway Inn around 3 years ago .
I have recently used Hainsworth match cloth as an upgrade , but gave my client an option of the even faster Hainsworth Precision .

Hainsworth precision is the faster smoothest napped cloth on the market .
it may not last as long as other cloths but our client has a re-cloth every 6 months anyway .
The Railway Inn will  now have , probably the fastest napped cloth pool table in the local Long Eaton pool  league .
but it may come a shock to his regulars that now is the time to also put the table up to £1 per play .
many pubs and clubs have only just survived the lock down , and  landlord’s  still having to pay rent during a lock down and also all the perishables having to be thrown away .
out of date crisps and other bar snacks  and drinks , and also note this table or tables in the past that this table replaced   have been on 50p per play now for the past 20 years .
more and more pub’s are now charging £1 per game now .
yes they will moan about it , but I can remember back in the 1970s when it was 10p per game then 20p per game , then 50p .
we have seen materials increase in price , Cloth , balls and cues  , and chalk and tips , also replacement cushions and ball rails and pocket liners .
and labour rates to both table fitters and bar staff .
So now is the time I’m afraid for the latest price increase and £1 seems to be the norm now .
my client is not scrimping either it is not a money making exercise but rather a go with the times increase to SURVIVE , he has had the best cloth available to justify the increase too .
and do not forget he has two re-cloths a year , not one a year .
he also gives free table time nights in the week too . and subsidizes the match nights as free games , and he has a proper billiards iron to keep in pristine playing conditions .

Superb cloth , Hainsworth Precision ,

Anyone local to Long Eaton or Sawley , fancy to try this table out , one of the best kept tables on my rounds .

visit …..THE RAILWAY INN…… in …..SAWLEY….. on Wilne Road .

Tell them Geoff sent you .