Modern Riley 3/4 size Snooker table for sale ..9ft by 4ft 6 inch slate bed in Herefordshire near Bromyard HR7

This late 1980’s/90’s built table by Riley is being sold privately by our client who is based in the Herefordshire HR7 area .

the table price is open to offers and GCL billiards could quote for dismantle move and a re-cover as the cloth is very faded .
This table design has sprayed gold plastic toe covers to hide any shims that are put under the legs to level it , I have worked on a full size table which has the same design .
in fact 12 in one club . The panels that cover the cushion bolts are very thick solid mahogany , no cheap plywood panels on this table .
in fact the whole table is very good quality solid mahogany , in a not so dark shade so will suit modern interiors.
The table is very well made . and is the ideal size for a decent game plus for those with not enough room for a full sized table. and being as it has only had Home use the wood work has not been abused. comes complete with cue’s scoreboard and Balls , Brush and Triangle …not sure about lighting ?

OFFERS to Geoff at GCL billiards , who will put you in touch with the owner if the price is of a suitable offer. NO SILLY OFFERS please it is a 9ft 3 section slate bed and they are in demand more than full sized tables , because there are less for sale on the market of this size , there are less to find in this condition .

Riley modern 9ft or 8ftriley modern pocket opening faded cloth
Riley modern cue rack and scoreboardRiley modern table from above 8ft or 9ft