Rent / hire you’re pool table from GCL billiards in Nottingham Derby and Leicester .

We are slowly building up our stock of Rental pool tables , and we offer the best contract to include two recovers a year , one for the summer league and one for the winter league , if you do not require two recovers we can offer a reduced rental cost option .
We do require a commitment for 12 months rental paid by direct debit .
We have the following tables ready for install , two Mahogany cabinet finish Supreme Championship 7ft x 4ft Prince pool tables with mechanical coin operation set to any coin cost you require , and one Oak cabinet finish 6ft x3ft Supreme championship Winner table with electronic coin operation .
we can have these tables in you’re Pub club or office within a week . or in just a few days. they are a great money earner with no cost or maintenance to yourself .
all our tables are supplied by Supreme and are the same type as used by professional pool players and teams around the UK  including international matches .
In fact they are the No1 table sold in the UK.

There are thousands of Supreme pool tables  Rented out around the UK , and I am sure many of you know why these tables are the best to play on , by staying with just one brand of table we find spares are easy to get hold of , and are always in stock , we personally keep in stock such things as new Ball rails and pockets , new coin mech’s, Springs and screws and push bars , Balls cues etc. , if we require any other part it is shipped to us overnight ready for fitting the next day . Thus enabling to keep you’re rental table in play and making money for you .
We do not do 50/50 splits we just charge a fixed weekly rent , payable monthly , we find that if a table is set on 50p ( some are on £1) and it takes at least £30 a week , that’s less than 10 games a day , you will be making a good profit , any more than this and you are really making the table pay , we do have tables that have taken £1400 a year in each table , we know this as there is a coin counter on each table . what you do with the money is all down to you , we only take a small fixed rent which we do give an invoice for  , the rest of the money is for you’re business .

We like to rent our table’s out local to us , within a 25 mile radius if possible , this also helps in the maintenance , we find that firms who hire tables out further away from their base just cannot offer a good service , if a machine requires a quick fix who are they going to get out to you ? if you have had any issue’s with you’re pool table operator and are coming up for a renewal of contract , then please get in touch with Geoff at GCL billiards for a quote for a hire table ,

The following photo’s of just a few of our tables that are out on rent , the first photo has just had a new recover ready for the coming winter season , having just completed a first year of rental of which we have carried out all maintenance included in with the rental cost . we are not a coin operation company we only deal in cue sports tables so we are not sidelined by working on gaming and game machines for amusement , we put all our efforts into you’re rental pool table to make sure it is installed level then Ironed  and ready for play , unlike some firms who just bolt the legs on do not know what a proper billiard  iron is , throw a ball down the table and say to his mate …that’s level lets go ? or exchange over the cushions for 12 year old one’s at the re-cover stage ! We re-cover the table on site making sure you’re good cushions stay on the table .
worksop rental table winner supremeprince 7ft red
old prince supremespool tables finished @pavilionwinner at the gladstone