Kirkby Cross Snooker Club , Return to Geoff for Re-cover of full size snooker table due to Water damage in Nottingham

I have worked at the Kirby Cross snooker club on and off  for near on 40 years , and in that time for at least three maybe four different owners
they did try out a different firm on the last re-cover but have returned to Geoff  Large who now has his own firm  GCL billiards for this water Damaged table caused by a burst pipe from the upstairs flat .
Rachel Phoned me in the week and asked for a quote and if I had any time ASAP , I am fully booked out for work for all of August so I agreed to come in on Saturday to do this work as it was the only free  time I had .
I would really like to tie in most local club’s as possible to Me , I am based in Long Eaton at Junction 25 of the M1 and this club is just off junction 27 of the M1, so we are under 30 mins away kirkby cross strip cushions
the table in question is an old George Wright circa 1910 , with very large bulbous reeded legs , as you can see at one time they had 5 or 6 tables in this room and the other tables are stored underneath these two .
that’s around three ton of slate , two sets under and one on top , the floor has been well supported underneath !
Kirkby cross finished table
I spent a good 4.5 hours in recovering this table , I paid attention to the slate joints as I could see they where out of true and had been filled very badly with soft filler which was coming out of the joints
I checked table for level and filled the joints with soft sand car body filler , this made a very good improvement , balls will now glide over the joints without jumping or rolling off .
I also replaced one net Free of charge on this table .
kirkby cross finished other angle
after I had finished I tested the cushion bounce  , although not as lively as some tables there is a few years life left in them , I got a 7 cushion rebound by throwing the ball around the cushions at an angle and 4 runs up and down ,
this will increase to 4.5 runs once the cloth has been worn in a little and the new cloth on the cushions are not pinching the rubber tight as the cloth slackens off in the two weeks to a month, then the rebound will increase .
all tables that have been freshly re-covered will have tight cloth over the rubber , this will restrict the rebound value for a couple of weeks .
Ex professional Gary Wilkinson still has a knock around in this club . it was the club he learnt how to play the game in as a youngster in the 1980’s .
Both tables that are left have had at sometime a replacement set of cushions with BCE extra bow pocket plates fitted , the tables cushions are not steel cushions as used by professionals , but they are pretty good for standard wooden cushions .
If they require new rubber going forward then maybe on the next re-cover ? but for now i think they will be OK .