Re-cover 13 Supreme Winner pool tables at two Northamptonshire clubs

I have been over to Northampton for the past 4 days
The first two days I had 7 pool tables to re-cover at coopers in Northampton
Two in the main bar that are used for Matches in 6811 tournament 30 oz Strachan all wool cloth
and 5 in the side pool room in 6811 Strachan club cloth
coop north match strip down 1
the first two tables at Cooper in Northampton being stripped down
coop north match dust in cab and rails 4
The ball rails where showing a lot of muck had collected and where overdue a good clean out .
coop north match dust crap on rails 6
A close up of what that muck really is , look at the edge of the rail where the ball makes contact and you can just see the formation of greasy wax build up , a combination of sweat off the players hands and dust
over the years if this build up the balls will stick , the players will then start lifting the table up and banging it down resulting in broken feet and then you are unable to level the table , and in some worse case scenario a Broken slate bed !
All caused by a dirty rail system and sticking balls .
coop north clean rails 8
after vacuum the inside of the cabinet and rails we wash the rail system down to remove all muck and dust
coop north glue spray on by supreme on slate
when we remove the bed cloth we find the dreaded spray on glue over spray , this will result in a lump under the cloth so must be removed before any new cloth is applied to the sale bed .
coop north every staple out
we take every staple out of the cushions, speed fitters are notorious for just stapling over staples so do not really strip your table down ,
they glue over spray on glue with even more over spray and attach even before the two sides are ready to be contacted together .
loose cloth and lumps under the bed cloth are a clear sign of speed fitting , at GCL billiards we can work to a fast system but we are just not as fast as some speed fitters ,
and that is because  we always take very staple out and remove glue over spray and clean the ball rails out .
coop north match almost done 8
Almost finished these two , just waiting to iron them , then clamp lids back down and check level .
coop north another three done
three more done in the side room
coop north all 5 in side room done
5 done in the side room in total , plus dismantled two to take over to the sister club in Wellingborough , another american pool table is replacing these two for Northampton Coopers snooker club
I have to return later this month to re-cover a full size snooker table in the main hall .
coop welling before I started on pool area
an so onto Wellingborough , this photo shows the american pool table being stripped down to take over to Northampton
coop welling recover two from north coop
the first two tables at Coopers in Wellingborough  where the two that where taken over from coopers at Northampton
The Coopers at Wellingborough have just acquired the Northamptonshire county pool team  , and part of the agreement was to have at least 8 Pool Supreme Winner Pool tables
You may notice from the photo’s that the tables are staggered all over the place , this was because they had all american pool tables at one time and they where zig zagged down the hall rather than spaced evenly
There will be space for 9 tables and maybe 10 , the electrician is going in at the weekend to move the lighting chains from the very High Ceiling of this old cinema building .
they will also be having a lighting upgrade to twin tube florescent fittings.
coop north beds glued match 2
this is the way I glue the bed cloth and slate , I use a center section of old cloth that is being taken off to put in the center of the new cloth fold over and glue , this is to protect the new cloth from glue
My glue is only half inch on the top edge and on the side only of the slate , at no point is glue put on the playing area of the slate ,and that makes for no fouling of the area that a ball has to roll over ,
unlike spray on glue that you have no control over , the glue I put on goes where I want it to go .
coop welling another recover
Coopers Wellingborough , enough room for 10 tables with plenty of space around , I will take some more photo’s later in august when I return to re-cover two snooker tables .
I have replaced 4 sets of cushions for new cushions and also replaced three to four sets of ball runners with the latest type as used on new Supreme winners
these are on the older Mahogany cabinet  tables .
I am well and truly tired after this job , I would like to say I have the weekend off , but I have to work most Saturdays now we are that busy