Hybrid table parts from other tables made this table what it is … and how we improved it

Full size snooker table , the work involved re-rubber and re-cloth and check level , this table is an odd ball Allied billiards putting together a table made up from different make tables .
and what we term as a hybrid table
legs from an old 1910 circa Orme & sons  and new wood for frame and inner bearers and legs are mahogany .
the cushions where also from a Riley and had a date code Mar 31 , March 1931 and are in oak so a different table than the legs .
the slates being numbered for cushions the opposite way around than most tables point these to being Burroughs and watts .
it is well known that Burroughs and watts number anti clockwise while most number them clockwise when fitting the cushions to the slates .
I was taught this by two fitters I worked under while doing my apprenticeship as a Billiards fitter .
My client complained of not being able to build a decent break and the pocket openings where tight , I opened them up to 1990 template size , but the back of the pocket was very tight and caused rattle , so we eased the fall into the table by filing the slate , someone had a go at this last time but did not take enough off , and also rasped it very rough , we smoothed over and increased the fall slightly .

Finished table looks inviting .

Cushions stripped of inferior Barton white rubber to allow new Best quality Hainsworth northern Rubber to be fitted and angles shaped

Northern Rubber by Hainsworth …only the best rubber used for billiard / Snooker tables in the world .

all 6 rubbers glued up on my Glue board in one go .
Contact adhesive Glue is hand spread on using a  glue comb for even distribution , no spray on glue rubbish which when used allows the rubber to fall off .

Strachan 6811 Tournament cloth 32 oz grade for longer lasting cloth .
this is showing the reverse side of the cloth not the napped face side .

Client was complaining about balls not entering slate fall and not being able to build a big break ,
so we brought them in a little , and fixed the bodge of the previous fitter who had tried to do the rasp of slate fall last time , and make a very rough job of it .
all pockets where different sizes , we made a template for the fall and duplicated it on all 4 corners and made them more smooth a surface down the fall .

the pocket now looks more like a modern pocket opening .

Looks very inviting a photo from above the table
which is located close to Uttoxeter .As you can see we filed the slate fall in to allow our client more ease at potting , someone had done this in the past but had done it very crudely and rough .
we smoothed it all down and it is a vast improvement for him.
Before the corner pockets where different sizes now they are all the same as we made a template up for the fall curve .
we had a good discussion on how my client wanted his table to play like , we do all we could to improve the pocket openings and used made in the UK materials to complete this
no low cost far east materials where used .