For sale very old Antique Jelks 6ft x 3ft Billiard / Snooker Table with barley twist legs with drawer features ….very rare find and collectable

We have a client based in Berlin in Germany who wishes to sell their very nice and old Antique Jelks billiard table circa 1890/1900
A most unusual collectable piece of Billiards memorabilia  for a person who has not got enough room for a large full size or even a 8ft or 9ft
This table oozes character , with the sought after Barley twist legs and unusual storage of Drawers built into the frame work
My Client has supplied some superb photo’s
Jelks 1
Photo from one end looking down on the cloth
Jelks 2
Photo from one side also looking down onto cloth

Jelks 3
Rustic oak type woodwork renovated by Hamiltons and at a very expensive price when first bought
the thin barley twist legs are a very rare find
Jelks 4
Very unusual to find twin drawers at one end for storage .
Jelks 5
The table comes complete with all the tackle as shown in this photo.
Jelks 6
another unusual side drawer storage compartment
Jelks 7
My client would like to point out the tables only fault , a wood crack on a end cross member , this can be glued and clamped or maybe even wood crewed from underneath
a bit of stain polish and it will then blend in .
it is nothing serious .
My client is looking for £1000 for this rare piece of billiards history , if anyone is interested either in the Uk of in Germany , just email me and I will forward you my clients contact details .
You can always contact Hamiltons and find out what they sold this table for , but you should be sitting down when they inform you !