Open up pockets and re-cover on Karnehm and Hillman snooker table

I have been over to Nottingham to re-cover a Karnehm and hillman snooker table , move it approx 6 inch to one side and then 6 inch towards baulk end
plus open pockets up to nearly 4 inch at the drop , I shaved off and reshaped around 1/8th off each side .
K&H pocket opening
Close to 4 inch at the drop and my client was very pleased with this opening
he is not any where near close to professional standard , and only plays for fun and required really wide pocket openings
This table used to be located at Newark Cue club and had 3.5 inch openings at the fall
K&H pocket opening at rear

these K&H tables close up towards the rear of the pocket and as you can see it is a more respectful 3.5 inch at the rear
K&H pocket opened up
the finished table re-covered in 6811 Strachan tournament 30 oz cloth .
My client is very happy with the way we moved the table and also opened up his pocket openings at the fall to nearly 4 inch
I am sure he will enjoy his snooker even more now .