For sale Three Old Ivory Billiard balls pre 1947 , NOW SOLD AND DELIVERED

I have NOW SOLD a set of three Ivory Billiard balls , they have good cross hatching grain , I have had these balls in my own collection for over 30 year’s .
Ivory billiard box set E&H

I had forgot about them when I moved House 18 years ago  until I was looking in a box in the Garage and came across them again with other billiard collectables which I will put up for sale
Ivory billiard set of 3 balls

I know the balls are worth at least  £60 per ball as Billiard collectables and the box extra is worth around £30 , so They can go with the Box  for £170  NOW SOLD.
I would sell them on ebay , but ebay have changed their policy and everything on there has to be sold as Faux Ivory or Ox Bone , they have been pressurised into doing this by animal rights groups , but it is perfectly legal to sell and buy them if they where manufactured before 1947 under cites regulations .
I have been looking at the Faux ivory on ebay and there are a few who are selling old cracked bonzaline balls as Faux Ivory fooling people into believing they are buying genuine Ivory , when the balls arrive and they find they are bonzaline , they have not got any comeback because it was sold as Faux Ivory .
This is the reason I will not sell them on ebay , look carefully at the three balls and you will see the grain showing .Please   click on the photo’s to enlarge for close up !
the spot white has a few small chips  on one side due to someone playing with just a ferrule with no tip on ,  A very nice collectable in their own display box , would grace any billiards collection . approx size 2.1/16th full size balls .

The Old solid hard wood mahogany box is a bit marked and has a crack in the lid with one hinge screw missing and there is no key but the lock is still there unlocked  , but it has a nice original E&H transfer which I have put on for a better appearance , this transfer is from 1938 , I have a box full of these transfers and some other E&H badges and some J S  Hopkin hyson Green  cue badges pre 1938 from the firms clear out of premises in Newark Street Nottingham in 1996 / 97 . these badges and transfers where all destined for the skip until I rescued them .ivory billiard set left close up .
ivory billiard set box shut no key


please be aware that when someone advertises an item and uses the word Faux , it means it is False or fake or imitation , buying what appears to be genuine old ivory balls off ebay is risky , in that many are just old clay or bonzaline balls , or just balls left out side to fade , then placed on ebay to fool people into thinking it is Ivory , always look for the cross hatch graining of natural ivory  .
The above balls are Genuine Real Ivory circa around 1900 . and I have a set of Bonzaline balls for comparison too , these can go for a further £30 with the Ivory balls .
the above balls are for people who are after  billiard collectables only for display or use .