Retirement complex supreme Winner 6ft pool table re-cover in 6811 Strachan cloth in Derbyshire

We have been very busy in the Derbyshire area where we are well known for our Excellent work on re-covering Pool tables .
Ripley 6ft winner
able above before cloth removal , the colour is Camel ! or Fawn or beige as some may call it .

We may be time served Billiards fitters and better known for recovering full size snooker tables , but we do not look down on Pool tables as an inferior cue sports .
in fact we know there are many Pool tables within our area that require a top class re-cover and even some that have dead rubber on .

one thing you can be sure of is a first class job to customer satisfaction on any type of cue sports table .

The table today was a winner supreme home play 6ft , this was situated in a Retirement complex and used by the local community .
the table was the latest model that supreme released with solid metal chrome corners and was in excellent condition .
The cloth that was on the table was a lower quality Camel coloured cloth almost Beige in colour , unlike the Quality Strachan 6811 in green that we replaced it with .
Again we came across the problem of manufacturers over spray of Glue on the slate , this is getting a real problem , and i will have to have a friendly chat to the table manufacturer as to the over spray being a problem on recovering .
ripley winner glue on slate overspray
Over spray of glue on slate at corner pocket
Ripley winner glue washed off acetone
We wash the over spray glue off with acetone , photo above of this being done .
ripley winner finished
The finished table in olive Green 6811 Strachan cloth .
our clients where delighted with the thorough clean up of the slate and insides of the table , we checked the level , and supplied Balls -triangle – Brush & chalk .