For sale , Burroughs & Watts steel cushioned full size snooker table in Norfolk Reduced to £500 !

March 21st update reduced to £500 , this is very good price for a steel cushioned table of This quality Vintage Burroughs and watts


We have a Client who wishes to sell their full size Burroughs & watts full size snooker table
The table has the sought after Steel cushions
B&watts norfolk steel square leg side veiew
the table has square tapered legs with mouldings just above toe and at joint of frame skirt  as they taper joins the main upper block
B&watts steel cushion table norfolk end cush name plate
The Makers Name plate on one end cushion shows Patent Eureka Steel Vacuum Cushions.
now reduced to just £500 !
Steel cushions are much better for rebound value and that is why they are more sought after on the second hand market
only a small percentage of full size snooker tables have these steel cushions fitted , they are considered professional standard
Today more modern pocket plates and openings are the way forward , these B&watts tables will not take a ball at speed into the centre pocket as the plate is of 1900 design and not 2016
Burroughs and watts where one of the better makers of Billiard tables
They where bought out by E.J Riley in the 1960s and then the name disappeared , it has recently been resurrected by a Birmingham firm who uses the name, but they have no direct links to the old Established Victorian firm that made this table . but they use the history on their web site which is questionable and gives the impression they are the same firm to people who do not read in between the lines .
But this table is a Genuine Burroughs and watts circa 1910 to 1930s circa ?
B&watts norfolk table other side and cloth
I have not got any clearer photo’s of this table
it is based in North Norfolk near Melton constable , any enquiries to Geoff at GCL billiards

contact email is…………………

or telephone 07753466064