Pre 1947 Ivory billiard Balls for sale one set only very rare to find these days ………….Offers *** please note Defra Rules on Ivory sales in the UK.

We have a client who has inherited a set of Ivory billiard Balls full sized at 2inch and .1/6th diameter approx  .
as you can see they have the cross hatch graining of ivory which is unmistakable to spot if you know what to look for
many people sell Bonzaline balls as ivory because they can look like it , but you have to know what you are looking for to spot genuine Ivory billiard balls .
The sale of Ivory has to be carefully monitored and Defra sets the rules on the sale of old ivory in the domestic market in the UK.
Each ball has to be of pre 1st of June 1947 status , if you have these old balls then it is not illegal to offer them for sale as Billiards collectables but they may be subject to an article 10 Defra Certificate the cost of this used to be £31 but I have looked into it and it may be £68 from the start of 2015 .
Now I do not know if these balls have to qualify for that certificate and I suggest you make sure before purchase or sale takes place ,
**** please note **** GCL billiards are not selling these balls , they belong to a client who is using our free advert offer .
All offers to  , we will pass on your offer and let you know if our client accepts this , once accepted we will put both the buyer and seller together to arrange collection or postage .
Ivory ball gordon close up graining
Close up of the Ivory graining showing the cross hatch pattern of Ivory …………click on any photo to enlarge size .
Ivory balls Gordon 3 together
all three ivory balls are 2 inch and 1/16th diameter approx ,…. you can see the nerve ending this is where the ball turner / maker puts the black dot
I have been assured that the graining is also seen on the red , but the camera cannot pick it up .
and just to show what Bonzaline balls look like see this photo below
Bonzaline crakced balls
Old Bonzaline balls crack and go very dull , unscrupulous dealers sometimes try and sell these as Genuine Ivory balls
So you now know the difference , Ivory balls always show a wood grain effect on the ball , Bonzoline balls never does .
If the Ivory balls do require a defra article 10 certificate , then this may also be the case for those very nice ornate Life Pool marker boards which contain ivory buttons
the Question most would like answering is if there is even the most small amount of ivory on a antique piece do they have to have a Defra Article 10 certificate ?
and if a set of billiards balls do you require three Defra Article 10 Certificates ?