Fantatstic looking Oak 10ft snooker Table for sale , in almost mint condition , be quick for Christmas Install ! … NOW SOLD !

SOLD    6th/DEC /2014


We have Private selling client who wishes to move on there 10 foot Snooker table in light Oak .
The table has multi carved tulip leg design with scroll work , and reeded panelling .
10 ft tables are hard to fine , and one in oak even harder to locate .
Finding one in this condition is like finding the holy grail.
Oak 10ft Geoff end shot
As you can see from this photo this oak table looks in mint condition , I have been told there is the od belt buckle mark in the cushions so not 100% mint but almost there !
oak 10ft geoff leg detail
as you can see from this leg photo , the leg is multi carved tulip design , with reeded leg knee panel , the reed design is duplicated in the side frame and vertical in the top cushion ,
I know this maker very well and the slide in panels should be reversible in the cushions if you want a plain look .
oak 10ft geoff side with accesories
With the table you get a dust cover and all cues and accessories plus brush and a napper block , the only accessory that I would add is a proper Billiard table iron .
oak 10ft geoff scorebaord
Matching oak scoreboard , 4 hander .
oak 10ft geoff shade lighting
and to complete the deal there is a nice Brass four shade lighting
This table is located in Cheshire just up the M6 from Stoke , the owner just happens to be also named Geoff
and I can put you in touch with him to thrash out a deal or any offer you may want to make .
The price for the table as it stands without any pick up and transport is £1250 , this table was close to £3500 with all accessories and delivered and fitted only 4 years ago .
If any one requires a quote for pick up transport and deliver and set back up , please contact Geoff Large on 07753466064 or email me at
Also contact me if you are interested in the table and I will forward your details onto the seller and also give you his details .
10 ft tables are the best option for many people who just have not got enough room for a full size and this 10ft gives you the next best option if you have a room size of 20ft by 15ft .
A full; size snooker table requires 22ft by 16ft .
We have a few days left before Christmas , if you are quick to purchase this table we can arrange for delivery at extra cost before Christmas .
Just think you could be playing Snooker on your own table this Christmas with the Family and friends .
santas full sack
I don’t think Santa can fit a 10ft snooker table in his sack , but GCL Billiards can get it in their van
rex 8 van outside property