Dismantle two tables at the Embankment move one to Basement , 4 tables down to just one now for this venue.

We have just dismantled two full size snooker tables at the embankment , one had been sold by the management , and the other was to be relocated in the basement sports room .
This was not an easy task as the stairs had a 180% bend half way down , we took two trolleys and 3 lifting straps for 6 men to lift the slate from the top of the stairs to the bottom .
The management supplied 4 strong builders who where already on site and who had themselves dismantled two of the 4 tables and scrapped them .
10 slates being out on the car park as we arrived .
Boots dismantle table 1
Table no 2 Ready for dismantle with parts from other tables underneath that the builders took down .
boots dismantle cushions off 2
Part dismantled , with the parts to the two scrapped 3 & 4 tables underneath , these where Nottingham made John Gent tables from circa 1900
boots dismantle all gone
Table fully dismantled and now taken away by Buyer , the table went for very little money . and what is left of the two other tables is scrap .
Boots table in basement
this was No 1 table it is now set back up in the Basement room , by GCL billiards . the table was made by E.J Riley and is a very common design made in their thousands over the years .
NSA Table 1 Nottm snooker Academy
The old Snooker room , 4 tables that have been there for years , now top half of room is to be a cellar for beer and with new toilets,  and the area near the bar as a new Dining area .
NSA practice on new cloth table 1
The old Boots social club renamed the embankment has been frequented by many Billiard and Snooker players over the years , and I have personally been looking after the tables there for near on 35 years .
mainly for the firm I used to work for ,and for the last three years as GCL billiards .