Who set this Snooker table up with missing parts ?

I have been out to a Private house near Melton Mowbray today to dismantle a 9ft Titan snooker table
Our client bought the table Brand new 7 years ago and it has not been moved at all in that time.
The only reason it is being dismantled is because of a new Carpet going down and some plaster work to one wall .
Now I have seen some speed fitting cowboys in my time but lets just look at the photo’s to see what this fitter did wrong and what he missed out of the build .
Melton titan 9ft
All looks well from above during dismantle , this is a 5 section slate bed 9ft table by Titan of Liverpool and branded as a Titan table
I have worked on this design of table many times in 9ft and 10ft to full size table. I have seen identical tables from Riley and also imported chinese tables that look identical
Melton stapled on cloth
Not long into the dismantle and I have found the first cowboy speed fitting attempt of stapled on cloth , Bed cloths on snooker tables should always be tacked on with 5/8th sized cloth tacks
note the screws sticking through the tack lining wood !
Melton very thin tack linings
the reason those screws are showing through the wood of the tack lining  is because of the  very thin 3/8th inch thick board cladding wood used as a wood tack lining . tack linings are normally 5/8th by two inch .
Melton missing internals woodwork under slate
cloth off and two slates removed and we find the most shocking part of this speed fitters work , NO CROSS MEMBER and NO center slate muntin’s
Melton missing centre cross member only bolt here
Looks like this fitter left the center cross member back at the warehouse , and just put the bolts in so the customer would not know the difference without looking upwards underneath he would never know.
Melton frame without any centre slate bearers and cntre crossmember
All the slates off and you can now see the frame has no inner woodwork , this is very shoddy workmanship .
leeds frame adjust brackets
As an example this is a 8ft table with what should be in the center of the frame , a bolted in cross member and adjustable muntin’s
these support the slate and keep the frame solid and not rocking .
I would like to say I have never come across such shoddy work before , but I am afraid I have witnessed another table set up without these cross member’s or adjustable Muntin’s .
here is photo’s of that table that was set up without muntins but has the cross members  , also note it is the same type of table with those reeded legs
we are due to go back in a few weeks time to set the 9ft table back up. I will make a new center cross member and make new muntins plus fit 4 adjustable brackets .
Photo’s will follow when we carry this work out .
If you require quality workmanship when having a table set up without the risk parts deliberately missed out like this one or badly fitted slate tack linings and stapled on cloth,
as I say to all my clients and to the fitters who complete such shoddy work the Camera never lies.
and if I see this shoddy work I will expose it .
I would also like to say one of the cushions was very loose and the customer was complaining of a dead cushion rebound . we will of course always hand torque up bolts after using drill driver .