Cueball snooker club in Derby have snooker and pool tables recovered all in Hainsworth Match cloth

We have been over to Derby this week to re-cover 3 full size snooker tables and 4 supreme winner pool tables
The cloth they chose was Hainwsorth Match cloth .
Table 12 new Hainsworth Match cloth p1

This is a light weight match cloth and a more expensive option for a re-cover , rather than the more widely used Hainsorth smart or Strachan 6811 tournament .
table near fire escape done H Match p3
We re-covered 3 full size snooker tables this week in the main Hall , with the option to go back next week to complete a 4th .
cueball derby H Match logo
Hainsworth Match costs around 1/3rd more than standard Hainsworth smart cloth.
so The Cueball club is going upmarket in ensuring all their tables have Match cloth on , normally only the match tables are fitted with Match cloth .
cue ball derby vac out tables
pool tables during re-covering , we vac out the tables when we do a re-cover
cueball derby wash out rails
we also wash out the rails to remove sweat / grime wax and fluff , a common black grime type grease which builds up over time , if not cleaned and can stop a ball on the rail system
when this happens the player normally picks the table up and drops it down hard to free the ball , this may result in broken feet and the table will then require a new leg to re-level
by keeping the internals clean this prevents sticking balls .
Estates superleague dirty rails waxed up
estates superleague cleaning wax off rails
ball rails that are dirty , if left will result in sticking balls !
cueball derby pool tbale recover H Match
one of the tables finished and ready for play
cue ball derby glue cloth
During a re-cover , the slate has been cleaned of any bad re-cover over spray glue on the playing surface , GCL billiards only use contact adhesive spread on with a comb
the glue is spread only to the edge of the slate which is underneath the cushions , there is no glue on any part of the slate bed that a ball has to roll over .
overspray glue on pool slate
An example of a very bad spray on glue contamination of playing area , this had to be cleaned off before new cloth was applied , spray on glue is bad for pool table re-covering .
always insist on contact adhesive put on with a spreader comb . It is very annoying to players to have balls run off or deflect over uneven surface area or suddenly stop on a lump of glue that is still on the slate bed  , and the main culprit for this is spray on glue is speed fitters trying to shave off time in the recovering process.
why fitters still use spray on glue is a mystery to me , I have always spotted the fault of using this type of glue so have never been tempted to use it having seen the problems it causes .
cueball derby recover H match 2
Two of the 4 tables that have been treated to top class Hainsworth Match cloth .
if you require a re-cover to your cue sports table , then contact Geoff at GCL billiards for a quote.


or phone 07753466064   / o1159725355
we are based in Long Eaton but we do travel around many parts of the East midlands and beyond .
in two weeks time I will be in Portugal setting a 10ft snooker table up in an holiday villa for a client .