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SOLD August 2015


We have a client close to ~Stoke on Trent who wishes to sell their full size snooker table
Although we say snooker table  , some may say this is a Billiards table because of the top plate pocket plates having fingers of brass showing on the top cushion surround
but in fact there is no such thing as a snooker table as snooker is a game you play on a billiards table  , my job title is billiards fitter not snooker fitter .
Many people because snooker became more popular from the 1930’s and Billiards fell behind in popularity have renamed  full size tables as snooker tables when to be more accurate they are still billiard tables in design
they have 8 legs , they are 12 ft by 6 ft approx and have 6 pockets .
Even the English dictionary states there is a snooker table , but if you ask any time served billiards fitter they will all say the same as me there is no such thing as a snooker table !
So after that little explanation I will now get back to the description of our older pre 1895 billiards table .
You can date this table to pre 1895 because after that year all tables where made with concealed pocket plates fixings where no Brass finger is present on top of the wooden cushion capping
Jans table near stoke on trent full table shot
this table I would date to around 1885/90 , thin victorian legs with top plates , it may be one of the Northern makers tables as I do not put this leg design to the main players such as Orme  / Stevens and sons or Burroughs and Watts , it may be a Thurston though ?
there is a re-rubber plate on one end from a firm in Manchester , these are put on at the other end of the table when a firm replaces the rubber in the cushions , and most say Improved cushions by  – or a name of the cushion like the speedy reliable cushion or the Empire Match cushion , these where all fancy names made up by firms when in fact they used the same rubber .
jans table scoreboard
the table comes complete with more modern scoreboard , this was probably made in the 1940s /1960’s period.
jans table full from end
I would say this table will require some work in the future , but it can be dismantled and set back up with the same cloth back on , just ask Geoff at GCL Billiards for a quote to do this
the price for this table is very reasonable £200 including all accessories that are in the room with it , such as shade and cues plus balls etc .
Of course any dismantle removal costs is not included in that price , so please contact Geoff at GCL Billiards for a price for this .
This table is on a Ground floor outhouse Building and I have been assured there is parking close by and concrete from building to the parking space , so moving the table is not  a problem and is just a two man job with the right tools and trolleys .

Interested ?

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