Cloth supplier shortage of staff due to Covid ,….. some delays on deliveries and ordering of cloth .

I have been informed today when trying to order some more cloth stock in,  of a shortage of staff problem due to Covid .
my main Strachan cloth supplier for snooker 6811 tournament are suffering from a large loss of employees due to covid sickness and protocol , to process and package cloth out .
this may cause some problems this month of taking orders in for say snooker table re-covering in Strachan 6811
I do have some stock as a back up but these are now spoken for .
although cloth deliveries will still filter through but not at normal speed of delivery .
Until normal staffing levels are back to normal this will effect most firms in the industry if you require Strachan manufactured cloth .
I am working close with our cloth supplier to rectify this and have placed an order by email for some more stock of cloth from them
this will take time to filter through their email system with only one or two people answering emails if at all .
this firm is the main supplier to the trade of Strachan cloth in the country and it only takes a few to be struck down to almost bring the posting out of cloth to a standstill .

I still have another source to get this cloth from another London based supplier  , but prefer to order Strachan snooker cloth through my main supplier .
Pool 6811 cloth is unaffected as I get that from the other Strachan stockist .
I can also order Hainsworth cloths as an alternative too .
which is another cloth that is popular with my clients .
anyone asking for Hainsworth smart / Match or Super pro speed will be unaffected .
as I ordered some special cloth colours today for clients from Hainsworth and they are not affected .