BCE American pool table re-rubber and re-cover plus other major work carried out around this snooker club in Northampton

I have been over to a client who starting to use us on a regular basis .
this being the 4th time I have visited this club .

On this occasion we where instructed to re-rubber the cushions of this older BCE American pool table which had gone rock hard over the years due to ozone contamination of the red rubber of the original cushions .

the BCE 9ft American pool table stripped down , cushions have been re-rubbered and re-covered in /Blue cloth as can be seen in the back ground , the old rubbers still laying on the old cloth .
P1020972 P1020973
The bed cloth removed from the slate beds , the joints checked and the table levelled , and the make of the new cloth we are about to fit
I always recommend Strachan super Pro speed cloth for these tables , in my opinion it is the best type for this pool table .
the new cloth before fitting
the finished table , Strachan super pro is very easy to fit to these tables , unlike some all man made fibre cloths which are hard to fit , this part wool / fibre mix is made not only to look good and play good but also to fit nice and tight without wrinkles .
while I was over at this Northampton Club , I also took a set of second hand snooker table cushions over with me to exchange with a bad set they have on one of the full size tables
so by just fitting a bed cloth and taking the already recovered cushions with new nets and leathers fitted to pocket plates I had enough time to pull this work in  .
although it was 8pm by the time I got home .
the finished snooker table sporting a good second hand set of riley club cushions with new nets and leathers .
a shade over 3.5 inch at the fall on these riley Club cushions fitted to our clients table .
and how a ball looks in those jaws of the pocket , a table always looks better when at recover stage it has new nets and leathers fitted .
There are 8 full size snooker tables at this venue , 1 American 9ft pool table and around 10 Supreme winner 7×4 pool tables
I also maintain it’s sister club’s tables .