Arts and Crafts type snooker table , Burroughs and watts oak steel block full size snooker table for sale , location in south London

We have a client who wishes to sell their full size snooker table
the table is in natural light solid oak finish and is in the style of Arts and crafts confirmed date of manufacture is  1956
the table has now been professionally dismantled and stored in our clients Garage by GCL billiards , my opinion of the table is that the woodwork is in very good order , just requires waxing , the cloth replacing and also the rubber in the cushions has to be replaced , the nets and leathers require replacing and maybe ball rails in place of bag nets ? the shade has now been scrapped .
A very good Burroughs and watts Steel vacuum cushioned table , with 2 inch thick Welsh slate in very good order. would make a very nice table for someone requiring one of the better made tables that is up for sale .
Every nut and bolt is present with the table as are all knee panels , nothing is missing .
the Vintage maker of this is Burroughs and watts , a well respected manufacturer in the Billiards and snooker industry right up to when they ceased trading in the 1960s  , and not to be confused with a modern firm still using that name .
burroughs and watts oak square leg London
the woodwork looks in extremely good condition and i would say it has only seen private use from new which would be circa 1930’s
A good waxing is all that is required to keep the vintage patina of this period table .
But I would say from a professional Billiards fitters eye that the cushions may require a re-rubber , and the cloth is faded so it will require a new cloth .
You may want to just wax the leathers and keep the period billiards nets , or replace with new nets and leathers and ball rails
Offer’s please  for this very well made steel cushioned Burroughs and watts table .
the table is located in South London very close to Brixton. We dismantled the table on a Sunday and getting to the address was simple as we set off Early , but Traffic had built up by 1 pm and it took us a while to work our way back up to the M1 for our return journey back to Nottingham .
Burroughs and watts


Burroughs and watts ornate cuboard scoreboard
As a separate sale there is a very special life pool scoreboard which the owner has taken a like to and may keep it , I would value the scoreboard at £1000 if taken with the table and maybe more if sold separate  ,
at least twice as much as the table which just shows the value of second hand tables and rare pieces such as this scoreboard .
The  scoreboard comes complete with lower rare to find complete cabinet , there are many of these scoreboard which are called Life Pool boards for sale from just £450 in rough condition upwards to over £1500 , this just requires a few new ivory buttons on the slide out panels each side of the board which are missing . apart from that is looks complete and original
this board , is an 8 player board . you can get them in 10 and 12 player boards with penny slots on , but this one has it’s original lower cabinet which is rare to find .
The owner has discounted the sale of the table to sell quick , but on advice he may or may not sell this scoreboard , it is up to any buyer to negotiate this if he wishes to buy .
For details of this superb made table and board , please contact Geoff at GCL billiards for further information , contact details are as follows .    or  07753466064  Geoff

As a Billiards firm , we are not on commission to sell the table , we like to think that any buyer would use GCL billiards to collect the table for them and carry out any work they may require to the table .
we have our own van and special trolleys and slate slides to move the table , we are experts in the art as Billiard table fitting with personal experience of 40 year for just one of the fitters.
For a quote to collect and assemble the table phone Geoff on 01159725355 or 07753466064 which is the mobile you are most likely to catch him on . or just email
rex 8 van outside property
rex 7 fully loaded on van