8ft Riley Pool Table Recovered in Strachan 6811 Pool cloth in Hucknall Nottingham.

Just one job on today plus a visit to a local club for estimate of contract work
The Recover today was on an 8ft Riley Pool table , these have a large span so they have 6 legs to prevent sagging in the middle of the table .
They where made with clip off cushions , and you can see in the photo’s below one of the three clasp’s per cushion that are simply unclipped to release the cushion from the top frame surround .
The club has suffered a water leak from the roof on this table and they contacted GCL Billiards to quickly come out to re-cloth the table in the best grade pool cloth which is Strachan 6811 pool .
Huck riley 8ft strippedThe table stripped down ready for cleaning of the slate , the old cloth was falling off the slate as they had used low quality spray on glue , GCL billiards always use hand spread contact adhesive which is high strength bonding.
Huck riely 8ft covered bed

The table has had the slate cleaned of any residue and chalk dust , and has now been recovered in 6811 Strachan all wool cloth
Huck riley 8ft finished table
The Pool table now finished and ready for play , the level has been checked and is very good
huck riely 8ft finished marked for snooker
We where instructed to mark the pool table out for snooker as well as pool , that is why you can see a D and the three spots at the baulk end
huck riley 8ft clip off cushion clasp
The clasp on these tables for the cushions , as far as We know Riley do not make these tables any more , so there will be a problem going forward in finding replacement cushions , I would think custom making of the cushions would be the only way to rectify any problems with crumbling cushion wood , but these cushions are in great condition , so many years of use still left in them
huck riley 8ft 6811 brand
The brand mark on the cloth to ,prove we are using the best grade cloth , we show this to our clients for peace of mind , there are many instances where i have stripped tables down that our clients say is 6811 only to find it is Club or even lower grade was used last time , GCL Billiards like to be honest and up front to our customers and we take great care to make sure the client knows they are getting what was ordered fitted to their tables , we target repeat work and we would not get this if we used inferior grade cloth .
We aim to be the first people this club contacts to do another re-cover say in 1 years time , you may notice a second table in the back ground , as a good will gesture we also brushed and marked out and re-spotted the table then ironed this table  Free of charge. A thank you for using GCL Billiards .