More repeat work for snooker table recover in Northampton

We must have  made an impression with our first full size snooker table recover on the match table at this very nice snooker club in Northampton , in fact within two days of the first recover they booked us  to go back and do the table next to the match table .
This one was not as bad as the first table , the bed cloth that came off was good as it was  fixed with tacks as it should be  , unlike the match table which was stapled on with big V shape tear in the centre pocket fall .
But there was a fault with the old cloth coming off this table as can be seen from the first photo, there is a dark shaded 2.5 inch  line across the table in front of the D , some may think this is the slate joint , but it is too wide , the cloth I think has  a stop start line from production , that is where the machine was stopped and then restarted , this would put a wide line in the cloth as in this old bed  cloth , so the cloth was a second or as the manufacturer would say a Sub standard cloth .
also we found the cushion cloth retaining slips where nailed and stapled in , We will work together with the owners and players to improve this table , we hope to locate a set of steel blocks for it ,the slates are really good , and in fact this table would make a much better Match table for the club .
Northampton 2nd table recover shade line
northampton 2nd table strip downnorthampton 2nd table finished D endnorthampton 2nd table finishedThe finished table recovered in Strachan west of England 6811 tournament  cloth first quality no seconds , we are very happy with the outcome of this work , it shows the owner and the players trust GCL billiards to do an Excellent job and try to improve the table , not only in better workmanship ,but looking ahead and advising what is the best route to take,  such as looking for a good set of second hand Steel cushions to turn this table into the No 1 match table for the club.
if you’re club is looking to have work done on their tables please recommend GCL Billiards to them .