Very busy month ahead for GCL Billiards, snooker and pool table work in Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Lincoln and even one job in London

twin pool tables

The next 4 weeks are really busy for us.  We have 12 full size snooker tables for recovering work in 6 different locations, a 10ft snooker table to set up in London which we have fully renovated from full strip down to set back up with a re-polish and re-rubber, plus re-cover and nets leathers etc. plus a full range of accessories ordered.  We also have a few pool tables to re-cover and also re-rubber.

From the rental side of our business which we call Double 8 Pool Tables, we have acquired another new site for two new winner supreme tables.  We are building this side of our business up, on the pool table rental side we like to keep our tables pretty close to base.  This makes servicing the tables very easy to fit in with our other cue sport maintenance work.  We also do two recovers a year in our top contract, try finding that service from our competition.  We are only cue sports people, we do not do fruit or video gaming machines and offer what we think is the best pool table rental deal in the business.

And we get the table level to within the thickness of a £20 note or even better, so your pool team will never moan about the table being out of true.
digital level 0.1 £20
The new pro lighting has also brought some business into the firm, more and more clubs are now going over to the new lighting system, which will give a much better white light to the playing surface with more concentrated under shadow of the ball rather than side shadow of ball from the old shade system.  It will give you that pro feel of playing at the crucible, the difference from the old coffin shade to this new lighting is that good.

pro lighting old shade under

We also have an enquiry to order and supply 10 new winner supreme pool tables and 5 full size Snooker table Re-covers for the end of march in Cambridgeshire, so the future is looking very busy for GCL Billiards.  We are very pleased with the support of our customers and new clients, we always strive to please and offer free advice.  We will not go ahead with a job for a quick buck if in the long run a better alternative is out there for you.  Our aim is to keep our clients coming back to us for good maintenance work on your cue sports table, that is our main business and it is what we are trained for as a billiard fitter.