Three Days in Cornwall setting back up Full size snooker / billiard table after flooding to room

I have just spent the last three days traveling down to Cornwall and staying over for two nights before traveling back today .
I had previously visited the same home 5 weeks ago to dismantle the table after a flash flood had flooded the lower rooms to my clients house .
this table was not without it’s problems , the owner having bought the table in dismantled form and it came with the property and was stored in the garage
I had worked on this very table 8 years ago for the first time and noticed it had a odd slate on one end that had come from another table .
cornwall bob rough slate with odd slate end
this is the set of slates back on the table , this end slate is smoother than the other slates ,
and I think the old table was used as a work bench at some time in it’s life due to very large score marks in the slate .
Cornwall bobs rough slate close up 2
here is a close up of those score marks , it looks like someone has been cutting something on the slate bed and this is on 4 slates , the odd slate being smooth
and someone had removed the brass dowels on the joint of this odd slate so it would butt up to the 4 original slates .
I have seen this done on a few tables that have had a slate broken or damaged to a point that it cannot be used .
it is possible to do this but you may have to shim here and there under the odd slate to get the joint to stay level .
Cornwall bob filler repair
on one corner there had been some damage to the top of the slate , so I re-filled with car body soft sand filler , I was very pleased with the result
once the cloth is back on , no one will have a clue as to the condition of the slate bed on this tbale having all those score marks and damage in them .
Cornwall bob filler level
as you can see I got it very level with thye rest of the slate bed .
cornwall bob 6811 stamp
time to fit the new cloth to the table , and my most popular and recommended choice is the Strachan 6811 30 oz tournament cloth
Cornwall bobs table after flood finished
The finished Billiard table which is a Burroughs and watts pre 1895 circa , Bob the owner is very pleased with the way GCL Billiards handled the work , making two trips down to Cornwall 5 weeks apart
quoting for the Home Insurance approval to allow us to be succesfull with our quote , we have done a few insurance claims on snooker tables and pool tables mainly due to water or flood damage , but occasionally Fire or smoke damage too , Bob also asked for Me personally to carry the work out because he knew me from 8 years ago and knew I was up to the work involved to get it back to playing standard
I also sorted out three broken bolts that had been snapped off inside the slate bed , replacing them with new bolts and insert lugs .
The strangest insurance claim I have had to deal with was a pheasant flying into a window and smashing glass all over the cloth ripping the cloth and also scratching the cushion capping’s .
Bob the owner of this Billiard table in Cornwall designs high end Retro Stereogram’s mainly for the vinyl LP revival hobbyist , they are based on retro styling of the 1950’s and have Full valve amplification and all high end fitments and craftsmanship , Bob also restore old Dansette record players .
Vintage Stereogram 2016 style valve
this is Bob’s Flagship , retro 1950’s designed Stereogram with valve amp , high end turntable and speakers in a Craftsman made cabinet , I will put POA
but to anyone who knows what high end hi fi costs you will have a good idea  , the sound by the way was very deep warm sound that only a Valve amp could reproduce .
Bob also let me have a peak at his other pride and joy .
Vintage art deco home cinema BOBS
a 4 seat Home cinema room with projector screen and also another top end surround sound hi fi system .
Bob lives in a beautiful countryside in the heart of Cornwall of which he maintains to a very high standard , not only did Bob’s snooker room get flooded but also the room with the stereogram in and this home cinema room and his Music room which housed  a grand piano , it was a right mess a few weeks ago , but it is now looking it’s best again after a major refurbishment from the Insurance e company and the specialists firms that undertook each part of the work .