Supreme Winner 6ft pool table for sale Brand new still wrapped , skip the waiting list for Christmas

As many of you will know there is a 8 week waiting list for brand new supreme winners coming out of the Factory in Heywood , if you want to buy one before Christmas then make sure you get on that list from your nearest stockist , if you cannot wait then here is a solution , a brand new 6ft table in Black pearl finish cabinet and green Strachan 6811 cloth with all new balls and cues .
Due to a client ordering 6 tables and then deciding he wanted more space around the other 5 this 6ft free play version is for sale at £795 buyer collects from Rotherham , try finding one in stock today from your local stockist retailer , you will find they may have to order you one and the waiting list is 7 to 8 weeks long for Supreme Winners .
supreme tables loading on van
This table was collected with 5 new supreme prince tables direct from the manufacturer Heywood pool at Heywood Lancs.
winners stabbo new type metal corner chrome plate
This is the latest type that supreme manufacture and has the raised lettering solid metal chrome corners not the old plastic chrome like on the old model
winner badge
it also has the latest green badge so you know it is the current model
winner supremem new type ball rails with allen screw and recess
the new type anti bounce back rails with allen bolt key fixing
the cabinets do come in other colours but the pearl black is the most sought after , this table is a 6ft free play and has no coin operation
on Ebay they are currently £845 and that’s if they have them in stock , the ebay seller may string you along and say yeh a few days or a couple of weeks but it will drag on as there is definitely a 8 week waiting list unless they have ordered too many  , I collected this table Brand new on the 28th of September from an order placed 7 weeks ago for 6 tables it is still in its cardboard top cover with plastic wrapping .
so skip the waiting list especially if you want one for Christmas , this one is BRAND NEW still in original factory wrapper , Black pearl finish with 6811 Strachan Green cloth , 1 set of reds and yellows  Aramith premier ball set , two cues and triangle and box of chalk £795 Cash on collection  , the people that own it will help load it if you just turn up with a vivaro or transit sized van .

you may ask why is there a 8 week waiting list ? , that’s because the supreme winner is the most sought after model and make as used by major tournaments around the UK , they just cannot keep up with demand so everything is on back orders.
with 6 weeks waiting list only a month a go , it has now turning into 8 weeks for a new table to be ready on the run up to Christmas .
I have just ordered two 7fts for my own GCL billiards pub rental stock  and these will not be ready until December .

The 6ft Supreme winner table is to be collected from Rotherham NOW !
telephone Keane pronounced Ke-Ann
mobile 07773000180 White shark cue club

Keane is setting up a pool club in Rotherham called the white shark Pool club , based in a old Bank .