Super League pool table lots of upgrades to this 29 year old pool table .

First job if the day was in Crich Derbyshire .
The comrades club .
Super League pool table re-cloth in Hainsworth match .
New set of full size rubber cushions .
Two new door locks . And a new super six coin mech set to 50p a game . Then level .
Plays as good as any modern table now , and its 29 years old as it had a date on it .
back in the day these super Leagues where the best table to have , some players to day even say they still are .
well with the new larger rubber in the cushions it does play much better now and the speed of the Hainsworth napped cloth is a delight to play on .
It was a bit expensive having all these upgrades and new locks and coin mech , but the Lads who play on it say it’s great .
They are just waiting for the local pool league to start up again .
the Comrades club is an excellent club , and just been renovated .
Thankyou for the business .