Stimp Meter as used for all ball speed applications on napped and speed cloth

We use a Billiards Stimp Meter ramp to test the speed of a table and also rebound value of rubber cushions .

We often have to prove that cushion is not responding well and in need of rubber replacements , most of the time this is obvious to the player when playing a shot off the cushion and ball not reacting to the pace it hit the rubber cushion at ,and also when a table is stripped down of cloth and you inspect the rubber .
The Stimp meter ramp is also used to demonstrate cloth speed , a long napped cloth is much slower on ball run than a no napped speed cloth .
this Stimp Billiard table meter was manufactured by the late Dave Gibson of Beeston Nottingham in the 1980s , he used it to test his own tables in his billiard hall at Beeston Nottingham .
I purchased the Stimp Meter from his widow on Dave’s passing ,and use it often .
The ramp also has a laser red dot light that projects a red dot to the back of the ball as it leaves the ramp to show roll off due to nap direction or unliveliness of the table .
A ball clamp to give precise set release of the ball unassisted ball fall is required to get exact readings and measurements .
this photo shows a rebound value of 338.5 centimetres or 133and 1/4 inch .