Snooker & Pool table re-cover work coming in thick and fast for June and parts of July.

We are very Busy this month of June , we have snooker tables to dismantle and store ,
Pool table re-covers and full size snooker table re-covering , We also have to re-position two snooker tables to allow room for a pool table install .
A returning client for Snooker table work , along with a couple of large multi tabled snooker clubs also requiring work .
We have some cushions in for woodwork repair and re-polishing , a local football club requiring two pool tables re-covering in Black super pro speed cloth .
I also have to buy in another Brand new Supreme pool table for our rental side of the business.
but we still have most of July not booked out for work , so get in quick to get your table work done in July .
clitheroe slate level
a typical install of full size
Mansfield home play pool finished
A re-cover of pool table in Green 6811 pool cloth.
Mark parry frame assemble
The start of a full size install laying out the parts for assembly
slate going on 5 sections .
Sam k steel set up slates being placed on leveling pads
american pool table install a Sam K steel table 9ft .
supreme 3 on van room for one more
Pool tables being loaded for our Rental business
re 6 on van slates
Full size being loaded for relocation .