Scrap and recycle one old snooker table and replace with modern pool table , in Lincolnshire .

Today I have been over in Lincolnshire to remove a full size snooker table from an officers mess at an RAF base.
We where contacted a few months ago for a quote to do this work ,
The full size snooker table was scrapped and recycled at a friends salvage yard in Grimsby.
RAF lincs down to slates in room ready for trolley
the full size table we where taking out of the snooker room , This table had lower quality rubber that was dead and a very thick none branded cloth fitted by a local company that should have known better than to use cheap low cost materials .
I would never have used these lower quality materials , it may cost a bit more to use high quality northern rubber and Strachan 6811 tournament cloth but the work would have been quality .
this is how firms undercut GCL billiards quoted price they use inferior materials .
The table cushions where in very bad shape the woodwork was coming apart , it was not cost effective to bring this table back up to a good standard so they opted for a pool table replacement .
they still have a second table , but i’m afraid this had also been refurbished by the local firm using inferior cloth and rubber .
RAF table as we where dismantling lincs
both tables , we removed the most unattractive and in my opinion the worst bounce from the cushions table .
Leaving this officers mess with a nice looking large bulbous legged table
raf supreme prince wide shot of pool
A second hand 7×5 pool table in very good condition , this Supreme Prince coin operated pool table is set to free play , with brand new Burgundy Strachan pool cloth .
this is supreme’s premier table design .
RAF lincs supreme prince pool table
The officer in charge of the mess was very pleased with the quality of the pool table  which came with a new set of balls 4 cues triangle , 12 red chalk and a Peradon fitted UK made dust cover.
RAF lincs table recycle outside ready
Our van outside the rear of the officers mess , we had arranged for the salvage yard in Grimsby to send down a ford transit low loader flat bed with crane to pick the slates and woodwork up , we kept back some spare parts for future use on other tables , such as pocket plates and bolts .
you can see we have stacked the slates in a three and a two , this is because the small crane attached to the transit low loader can only lift three slates at a time .
I’m afraid we have recycled a few full size snooker tables in the past three years , this is because demand for full size tables is not good and the market is flooded with tables for sale , we do try and relocate as many as possible by offering clients who wish to get rid , a free advert in our for sale section
if you are selling a property that has a full size snooker table and there is a condition to get the table removed for the buyer of the property , then failing a sale recycling is the only option left .