Pool table re-cover in Special order Bright golden Yellow smart cloth for King Billy Pub nottingham , also printed designer cloth info .

We have just completed a re-cover in special order Hainsworth smart Golden Yellow Pool cloth .
the table was a project work in progress for an Art Student for her studies , and was completely funded by her .
The King William IV pub is a well known real ale pub located around the Sneinton and Lower Parliament Street area close to the Nottingham Ice Arena
on Manvers Street and Eyre Street corner .
My instruction from Carys was to re-cover the pool table in a bespoke colour of gold and the nearest we could get was Hainsworth Smart Golden yellow .
This just happens to be the same colour as Nottingham Panthers Ice hockey shirts . who are located just around the corner at the NIC .
King Billy pool before during strip down Green
the pool table was a Valley pool type I think manufactured in Wales ? and of 1980s circa .
above you can see the badly faded green cloth which has a mountain of chalk dust under and one pocket opening,  and had a ridge of dust preventing a slow ball from falling in
I  Do not think this table had been recovered for years there was also a hole in the black spot area .
king billy yellow gold cloth being glued bed cloth
With the cushions off and fully stripped of cloth and staples , I cleaned the slate and made good ready for glue to be spread to slate and under part of cloth edge .
the old glue was in places interfering with a ball running into pockets and also down the side of the cushions so I scraped all old glue away fro any area of play .
nothing worse than a slow ball down the cushions rolling off a blob of old glue left on the slate from a previous re-cover .
King billy bright gold yellow bed cloth on
with this bright light coloured cloth it was important not to get dirty hands on it while re-covering so I kept my hands clean at all times .
Above the bed cloth fitted . Have you got your sunglasses on ?
King billy finished table D end
the finished table , marked out with baulk and D , a new set of balls was also bought by Clarys and a pool tournament is booked for first play tonight .
King billy finished table balls et up
I also gave the internal ball rails centre ball run and also side door ball flip out tray a thorough clean out and wipe down
with a bright cloth like this the muck if left on the rails would soon destroy the good work of this re-cover .
yellow chalk has been ordered and they are useing a yellowish beige one until this arrives
Some  people do not think about same coloured chalk with a cloth as bright as this it is important that you do not use the more common blue and green chalk .
I also found it annoying that Hainsworth will sell you a bizarre colored cloth yet will not supply an appropriate colour chalk to go with it .

King billy pool balls golden 8 ball blue reds
blue and red balls with golden 8 ball .
Ordering one off colours like this Golden Hainsworth smart cloth can be around £20 to £40 above our normal price in green depending on which grade you are comparing it with .
Hainsworth cloth is expensive to order as one off cloths the postage alone is £18+ vat on top of the price of the cloth , so please take note of this if you want to order special colours .
We can also supply and fit other designer cloths such as this
Butlins hotshots artscape bud dec 2015
and this
jack daniels black cloth
or just plain one off colours
Derby county Black pool table
We also do american speed cloths which has no nap .
hunters Bar
a friend of mine also had one done in Chips printed onto the cloth for a Fish and chip Restaurant
chips speed cloth Steve