Pool Table in light oak/Ash / teak ? for sale , Very Nice condition and Expensive when new ,Offers please

THIS TABLE IS SOLID WOOD / ply and high quality veneer on some parts  not low cost fibre board with melamine photo finish .

I have a client whishes’ to sell on there much cherished Pool table due to other use of the room .
the table is a 7×4 and is in solid Oak or Ash or teak wood ?
I have had a little difficulty in downloading the photo’s and have just managed to find a way to do this so this is a late listing as the enquiry was over a month ago .
Please take a look at the table below , the Table comes with a  soft cover only, this table is not a dining table .
This table was made to order  for our client and was a very expensive table when bought new , our clients are willing to listen to offers .
the table is located in Wheatley near Oxford .

MY CLIENT says it is Ash wood but could fit into any oak or teak fitted rooms just as well, or even pine as you can see in the back ground of this room .
pool oak diner 2 oak pool table 1
this table is not the low cost plastic coated fibre board which are around £825  on eBay
but a bespoke pool table made in solid wood as can clearly be seen in the photo’s , and in extremely good condition

Offers please to Geoff at GCL billiards  by email to c.large@btinternet.com
I will forward any offers onto our client and contact details .

And for comparison take a look below at what £825 gets you on eBay  and compare the two tables for quality of wood , one is plastic coated melamine with rough turned wood legs with chrome corners hiding a rough joint  , and the one above is Bespoke made .
rubbish dining pool table
In my opinion you get what you pay for , I know which one I would choose and as it is offers to our client,  you never know how much of a bargain the Solid Ash wood / ply ash veneer bespoke table is .
Just put your offers in . to Geoff at c.large@btinternet.com